Nuclear energy slide deck for schools, etc.

The slide deck here describes our current energy context and explains how nuclear energy fits in. We are releasing them with CC-BY-NC licensing hoping they’d be used around the world.

Click here to view the slides

The slides are made with reveal.js, which is a web-based slide technology somewhat similar to Powerpoint, but you just present them from the browser. It is a two dimensional slide deck, where you go left to right for each major section and then down to see the details. You can use the arrow keys to navigate. It’s organized so that you can always just do the first few slides of a section before pressing the right arrow key to go on to the next topic, so you can cull the slides as needed for your audience or time allotment.

To navigate through all slides in order, press the space bar rather than the arrow keys. Use the Home and End buttons to go to the beginning or end of the deck.

There is a speaker view and speaker notes that describe to you the presenter what’s going on. Press the S key to open speaker view in a separate window.

Many images lazy-load, so you should have an internet connection to give this presentation.

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