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Seek thee out more information about nuclear power.


The blogosphere is full of very active nuclear-related discussions. (These listed so far are vehemently pro-nuclear)

  • NEI Nuclear Notes - The nuclear power industry’s lobby group in Washington D.C. publishes very informed and relevant news and discussion. Excellent site!
  • Atomic Insights - Rod Adams’ active blog discusses major events in the nuclear power world in detail.
  • Energy from Thorium - A good source of thorough information and discussion of using the Thorium-Uranium cycle to power nuclear reactors rather than the Uranium-Plutonium cycle.
  • Idaho Samizdat - Excellent source of current events and their analyses by a very experienced nuclear insider. Samizdat translates from Russian to "self-published"
  • This Week in Nuclear - Originally a podcaster, this industry insider and former senior reactor operator now has a corresponding blog. Lots of good stuff here. Check it out.
  • Brave New Climate - A very active an in-depth pro-nuclear blog by the Chair of Climate Change at Adelaide University, Australia.

Points of Interest

Pro-nuclear organizations

Anti-nuclear organizations

  • The Sierra Club - Read why the Sierra club opposes nuclear power.
  • GreenPeace - Greenpeace was founded specifically fighting nuclear weapons. They have ever since opposed nuclear power as well. Check them out.

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