Interesting nuclear links

This page contains links we consider useful or interesting in energy-related discussions. See also the Nuclear Engineering Reading List.

Electricity Map An amazing interactive map showing live data across the world about what the carbon intensity of electricity generation systems are now and throughout the day. You can see, for example, how many countries have decarbonized very well using nuclear (France, Ontario, Sweden, Finland, etc.)
Prevented Mortality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Historical and Project Nuclear power The 2013 paper co-authored by climate legend, James Hansen, demonstrating that nuclear power had net saved 1.8 million lives by displacing air pollution. See also, this press release.
The Complete Case For Nuclear A graph-heavy explanation of why many consider nuclear an important contributor to future energy needs
Breeder Reactors: A renewable energy source (Cohen) A 1983 paper out of the Univ. of Pittsburgh explaining why nuclear energy in breeder reactors is truly sustainable on up to multi-billion year timescales. See also, this more recent version of the same story.
Uranium in Seawater A special edition of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research dedicated to uranium in seawater.
Nuclear Power in the Energy PictureA great slide presentation by George Stanford, a retired reactor physicist, on the overall energy story
Our World In Data Data about the safety of nuclear compared to other energy sources Another public-education nuclear site with elaborate detail in the reactor physics and engineering areas
Letter from energy scientists concerned about climate in support of nuclear A letter from 4 famous energy scientists in support of nuclear to help with climate issues
Undetectable DNA damage in mice at 400-fold natural background A scientific journal article suggesting that low-dose radiation does not cause meaningful DNA damage
A Century of Technology -- Remarks by Richard Rhodes A long but excellent and inspiring speech given by Pulitzer prize winning technology history author, Richard Rhodes
Camp Century Video A 30-minute documentary about a nuclear-powered ice base in Greenland featuring a 3-month old Eskimo sled dog named Mukluk.
Sustainable energy without the hot air A free book by David MacKay discussing sustainable energy in unprecedented clarity
AEC Atom Information Booklets An incredible (if old) collection of informational booklets about nuclear technology, from microreactors to geology to computers.
The ETI nuclear cost drivers summary A clear description of what has made nuclear expensive
The NEI's Delivering the Nuclear Promise An incredibly valuable collection of Efficiency Bulletins from the US nuclear industry explaining in some details their pain points in Operations cost and suggestions for how to reduce these costs
Krepel, COMPARISON OF 16 REACTORS NEUTRONICPERFORMANCE IN CLOSED TH-U AND U-PU CYCLES An amazing comparison of the neutronic performance across 16 different reactor concepts