Some updates to

By Dr. Nick Touran, Ph.D., P.E., 2018-02-02 , Reading time: 1 minute

Old content revival

We revived some of the older content that never made the transition to our mobile-friendly site and a reorganization of the top menu. You’ll find a lot more to explore in there.

Github source

We’re announcing the whatisnuclear github site where we will be storing the source of this entire webpage as well as a collection of outreach material that people build. The intent here is both to make it easier for other nuclear experts to collaborate with us and add/modify/update content and to have a common place to store and retrieve outreach material to help teach people about nuclear energy.

New license

We’ve licensed the site CC-BY-NC, which means you can share and copy the content as long as you credit us and link to us, but you can’t directly sell it.

New site generator

We’ve started using the Jekyll static site generator behind the scenes here. This will help us change and maintain the site better, and it allows some neat new features, such as little navigation indicators in the top menu and back/next buttons at the bottom of each page to help readers know where they are. It will be easier for us to keep pages consistent now. We also added this blog section.