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100% renewables is the new anti-nuclear

19 Feb 2018

Commentary on why 100% renewables is actually anti-nuclear and therefore against our climate goals

Some updates to whatisnuclear.com

02 Feb 2018

Learn about the latest changes behind the scenes here related to Jekyll and github.

A primer on energy, greenhouse gas, intermittency, and nuclear

17 Dec 2017

An in-depth view of current world energy needs and the clean energy sources we have to meet them.

Tuna are safe to eat after Fukushima

25 Apr 2015

Are tuna safe to eat after the Fukushima accident? Yes!

Radiation on flights

17 May 2014

How much radiation we encounter while flying on commercial flights?

Defending Pandora's Promise

18 May 2013

A pro-nuclear documentary called Pandora’s Promise is out, and the backlash has predictably started. This page attempts to go through the criticism from a pro-nuclear standpoint, correcting inaccuracies while conceding the good points.

Nuclear Sermon

09 Jun 2010

A sermon about nuclear energy

Letter to President-Elect Obama from Cheng Xu

20 Dec 2008

Letter to Obama from Cheng Xu

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